Stoelting F231-1812 Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine - Silver Chef


This is a Stoelting F231 Soft Serve Ice Cream machine, currently available through Silver Chef at a very special promo rental price. This rental price is available for a limited time so take advantage of it while you can.

Silver Chef Promo: $105.00/wk*

The Stoelting F231 is described by the manufacturer as follows:
Gravity Soft Serve/Yogurt Freezer dispenses two single flavors, or combine for twin twist

  • Precision controlled refrigeration system designed for quality product consistency from the first cone to the last
  • Powerful IntelliTec2™ control communicates with the operator through a multiline graphics LCD display using full text instructions
  • Energy Conservation Mode (ECM) protects product from over-agitation during slow or non-draw periods
  • Compact design with a small footprint. An ideal choice for locations where space is an issue
  • Proprietary auger design gently folds mix and prevents product breakdown, producing a smoother, creamier product
  • Clear door shows visible moving product for merchandising appeal
  • Self-closing spigot eliminates waste and ensures precise portion control
  • Adjustable dispense rate for optimal product output
  • Twist feature allows you to serve two flavors individually or combine flavors for a unique twist

*Opionally the unit can be purchased outright for the sale price listed

SKU: SC337864
Price: $13,500.00