Vulcan NAT Gas Convection Oven - Refurbished


This is a Vulcan VC4GD gas convection oven. Perfect for bakeries, restaurants and catering. The ovens overall size is 40" x 31" x 55" and is currently setup for natural gas but can be converted to LP (propane). The oven will also need a standard 120V wall outlet to power the fan and control system. This convection oven comes as shown with 5 racks and has been fully cleaned, serviced and tested at our location. If you have any questions about this convection oven or any other products, please feel free to contact us.

Price: $2,700.00

Garland E22-24B Electric Broiler - Refurbished


This is a Garland model E22-24B electric char-broiler. The overall size of this electric broiler is 24" x 23" x 14" and will require a power supply of 208V @ 30A (single phase). The broiler has been fully cleaned and serviced at our location and it is in full working order. As with all of our refurbished equipment, this broiler comes with a 30 day warranty. If you should have any questions regarding this item or any of our products, please feel free to contact us.

Price: $450.00

Chafer Special

For a limited time/while quantities last, we have our 8qt chafers on special for only $45.00* These are perfect for everything from family get togethers to large outdoor events and banquets.

*Limit of 3 per customer/No dealers please

Garland GD36RB Gas Char-Broiler - Refurbished


This is a Garland model GD26RB gas char-broiler. The overall size of the unit is 36" x 25" x 18" and is currently setup for NAT gas but can be converted to LP if needed. This char-broiler has been fully cleaned and serviced at our location and is in full working order. If you have any questions regarding this char-broiler or any of our other items, please feel free to contact us. 

Price: $1,600.00

Hollymatic 200 - Refurbished


This is a Hollymatic 200 Gourmet Patty Machine. Perfect for making burger patties or a variety of other shapes.The overall size of this patty maker is 38" x 14" x 20" and will only require a standard 120V wall outlet for power. Here is a quick write up of the Hollymatic 200 by the manufacturer:

The Hollymatic 200 is an economical and reliable food-forming machine. Easily interchangeable mold plate assembly lets you select a variety of patty shapes and weights. The 200 is ideal for supermarkets, drive-ins, institutions, schools and cafeterias.

Price: $7,600.00

Amazing Deals!

Wow! Check out these amazing equipment deals! Fantastic pricing on char-broilers, griddles, & more. All items are in stock and ready to move. Not sure if now is the right time? Look at the payment options from SilverChef. Get setup with a new 36" griddle for only $13.00 a week, or a new 6 burner range with oven for only $21.00 a week. With deals like these, why wait any longer for that upgrade or addition you've been thinking about. Give us a call, and one of our sales reps will be happy to assist you.

Click the flyer image to the right for PDF

Time To Check Your Refrigeration!

As we creep in to the warmer weather of summer (took long enough), it's time to have a look at our refrigerated units, and make sure they are up for the stress test that high temperatures bring. We get a lot of calls in the summer for refrigeration issues. Many of these service calls can be avoided by doing some simple maintenance and cleaning. Here are some quick tips to help keep things running smoothly.

1) Cleaning the Condenser: This is the single most common reason for early failure of a cooling system. We have to keep in mind, that the job of any refrigeration system is the same, removing heat. We often think of refrigeration as making things cold, and it does, but we do better to think of it as removing heat. The condenser is where this heat removal is most noticeable. It looks a lot like a radiator in a car (for good reason, it does the same job). Depending on the type and model of the unit, these can be located on top, in the back or at the bottom of a cooler or freezer. It may be necessary to remove the front lower cover on some models. These should be cleaned with a vacuum and a soft brush (like a clean pant brush). The fins on a condenser are very thin metal and you want to be careful not to damage or bend them. This could reduce air flow and defeat the purpose of cleaning it.

2) Ambient Temperature: This has little to do with the unit and more to do with your location. Most refrigerated units are designed to operate within an ambient temperature range of 10c - 30c. Once we get outside of this range, the ability of the refrigerated unit to do it's job will suffer. So if we have a hot summer day and you're not able to keep your location cool enough, with air conditioning or other methods, you may notice that your coolers and freezers are not working very well. This is not a problem with the unit. It is simply too hot for your equipment to efficiently remove heat. The only solution here is to cool the location better with A/C or to look at more costly options such as remote compressors or water cooled systems. 

3) There's water in my fridge!: Finding a big puddle of water in or around your fridge or cooler can be a bit alarming. The 1st thought is often that the cooler has broken or sprung a leak. This is not the case typically. You see, fridges and freezers don't use water as part of the cooling system, and they don't magically produce large quantities of water. The water comes from one place, the air. Yes, humidity in the air is the source of your troubles. Cooling systems are designed to accommodate some moisture, this is what defrost cycles are for. But when there is an excess of moisture, the defrost cycle can cause the catch pan, where the water collects, to overflow. This may occur inside or outside the unit. The best line of defence against this is to ensure your location is air conditioned, this will keep most of the humidity out of the air in your location. Also make sure that the door gaskets are in good condition, and that they don't allow warm humid air in. Putting uncovered food items in the fridge or freezer can also contribute to humidity, so please ensure all food products are covered properly.

True T-23F Freezer - Refurbished


This is a True model T-23F freezer. The overall size of this freezer is 27" x 30" x 84" (unit is on casters), and will require only a stadard 120V wall outlet for power. The freezer has been fully cleaned and serviced at our location and is in full working order. The unit comes as shown with 3 shelves plus the bottom surface for storage. If you should have any questions about this or any other item, please feel free to contact us.

Price: $1,000.00

Concession Specials

With summer almost here (I'm sure it will actually warm up at some point), it is time to get ready for outdoor events, and time to open up those concession stands. We have some great specials on fun food equipment. Everything from slushie machines, cotton candy machines, hot dog rollers and much more. Have a look at the PDF below to see the amazing deals. If your looking for something you don't see, give us a call. We are always ready to help you find the equipment you need, not just sell you what we have. 

2019 Concession Specials

Summer is Coming!

Shlushies are a great way to increase your summer profits. With high margins and low cost of operation, these simple machines can make a good season great. 


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