"CDM-Star" Silvershine - Cutlery Polishing Machine


The Silvershine' CDM cutlery dryer performs several functions under its stainless steel skin. Primarily to be used to eliminate the labor intensive task of drying flatware (stainless, silver plate, sterling) the Silvershine will retain cutlery's original shine, or over extended use can restore a shine to older cutlery. Using a UV-C germicidal lamp combined with heat the Silvershine also ensures a more complete removal of bacteria which might otherwise survive the dish-washing process. 
The Silvershine STAR is a cutlery drier with compact dimensions, ideal for locations where space is at a premium, for clients having to deal with a limited amount of cutlery, for bars, pubs and small restaurants, or for anyone wishing to add an efficient machine taking up only a small amount of space.

Price: $5,399.00