Biro VTS-100 Vacuum Meat Marinating Tumbler - Refurbished


This is a Biro model VTS-100 meat marinating tumbler. The details of the unit are as follows, please see the attached PDF for more details (electrical, etc.).

Increase your product yield and make tasty, flavorable, value-added products with the BIRO Model VTS-100 or Model VTS-500 Vacuum Tumblers. Both Tumblers have a 3/4HP vacuum pump motor that can evacuate the drum chamber quickly. The three stage timer on the VTS-500 lets you program relax time into your tumbling cycle for products such as hams or bellies. The Run/jog controls let you position the drum for easy cleaning or unloading. Heavy duty casters let you do your tumbling virtually anywhere in your plant. The drain hole in the drum makes cleanup a snap. Improve your profit margin with value-added products from the BIRO VTS-100 or the VTS-500 Vacuum Marinating Tumblers.

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Price: $15,000.00