Taylor 161-27 Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine - Silver Chef

SKU: SC32167

This is a Taylor 161-27 Soft Serve Ice Cream machine, currently available through Silver Chef at a very special promo rental price. This rental price is available for a limited time so take advantage of it while you can.

Silver Chef Promo: $45.00/wk*

The Taylor 161-27 is described by the manufacturer as follows:
The Taylor 161 is great for establishments that want to add frozen desserts to their menu but with a small footprint. Its small size, electrical requirements, and price make it. Great for operators who want to see if this great profit maker will work for their concept. From gas stations to cafes the Taylor 161 is a great foot in the door.

*Opionally the unit can be purchased outright for the sale price listed

Price: $6,000.00