We Do Food Trucks

With the summer upon us and people once again venturing outside, the food truck season is in full swing. Did you know that here at Accurate, we offer a full line of services geared towards food trucks?

- Full Builds (Pick a vehicle or trailor and we do the rest)
- TSSA Inspections*
- ESA Inspections*
- TSSA Renewals*
- Hood Systems
- Fire Suppression
- Interlock Systems
- Gas Lines
- LP Gas Cylinder Cages
(Services marked with * require an appointment, please call first)

If you are considering purchasing an existing food truck or trailer from the US for use in Canada, please contact us 1st. The standards and safety regulations between the US and Canada can differ greatly. You may end up buying a truck or trailer that would have to be heavily modified, before being approved for use in Canada. It may look like a great deal, but we've had some customers spend as much on the changes as they would have spent just buying a nicer truck or trailer to begin with. Even if you're buying within Canada, there can be upgrades and changes needed to pass the TSSA certification process. Please feel free to contact us and we can provide you with some key questions and details to help ensure your getting a proper food service vehicle.

(We will be posting a helpful cheat sheet soon)