COVID-19 UPDATE / Hours of Operation

Our hours of operation have been affected by the current COVID-19 situation. We are open to walk-in customers on Tuesdays from 8AM-Noon. For all other business, please call our main number at 416-266-2791 and set an appointment time. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope to be back to regular hours as soon as possible.

Website Updates and Current Stock

Please be advised that since the COVID shutdown, we have not had a chance to keep the items on the website up to date. This goes for used stock and for pricing updates on new equipment. There is also an issue currently with getting new items in from overseas. This issue is not specific to our industry but is currently a global issue with international shipping. For the time being, please continue to use our site catalogs as a source for item details and information, but please contact us for current pricing and availability.

Summer is Still Happening

Yes, summer will still be happening in 2021, and yes people will be out and doing things. Will it be different? Sure it will. Will there be challenges? 100%. Will there be oppertunity, absolutely! Our industry has taken a hit since the shutdowns started. While some have had to close and scale back, others have had to expand and build up. It's seems to depend on one's mindset and determination. The food and hospitality scene has changed, but that does not mean gone.

We are still here! We can help.

We know it has been some time since we updated on the site. With the COVID shutdowns and such, it has been a tough grind for all of us in the industry. We have a lot of customers that have already not survived the slowdown in business, and we can only hope that more last through this trying time. We want you to know that we are still here to support you and your business in anyway we can. If it is time for you to look at a new way of doing things, please contact us. We are having quite a few clients, alter their business to be more pick-up and delivery based.

Return to the office issues?

Back in March, a lot of offices closed temporarily. Most of these offices had coffee equipment that was not shut down properly. These machines are designed to be used on a regular basis and don't do well when left powered but not used. This often leads to burnt out elements, or other damaged components. We at Accurate are very familiar with these issues that usually only affect seasonal operators. If you are experiencing any issues with your brewers or any of your coffee equipment, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

COVID-19 Challenges - LET US KNOW!

Well this has been a very strange and challenging 3 months. Our industry has been put on it's head by the current restrictions and limitaions due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We want to hear from you, the challenges and changing needs you are facing. We wish to be in the best position possible to help our industry get back on it's feet. We all need each other's to help recover from this event. So please call us for whatevver you need and we will do our best to meet and exceed your expectations. 

COVID-19 Update - March 22, 2020 - Showroom Closed

While we tried to stay open as long as we could, we realize that it is not currently in the best interest of our staff and customers to remain open at this time. We will be closed the week of March 23rd - 27th. We will update as needed, going forward. Our service technicians remain on call and we are still accepting service calls. Please call our main line at 416-266-2791 for service. As for the sales team, we will be working from home and are still available to assist you. Please email If you need to schedule a delivery or pick up, please call the main number and we will see what we can workout. Thank you for understanding and please everyone, stay safe.

Sierra 35-45LB Fryer - Used/Refurbished

Sierra SRF-35/45NG Natural Gas Fryer - Used/Refurbished

This is a Sierra model SRF-35/45NG natural gas fryer. The overall size of this fryer is 15.5" x 30" x 35" (45" to the top of the back-splash). This fryer has been fully cleaned, serviced and tested at our location and is in full working order. The fryer comes as shown with 2 baskets and the drain/clean-out tube. Like all of our used restaurant equipment, this fryer will come with a 30 day parts and labour warranty. If you should have any questions about this gas fryer or any of our used equipment, please feel free to contact us or stop in to our Toronto showroom to have a look. We are always happy to help.

Price: $575.00

Maple Top Backers Table - Used/Refurbished

Maple Top Bakers Table

This is a 48" x 30" x 36" maple top backers table. The maple table has been full cleaned and is in very good condition with no damage to the maple surface. If you have any questions about this maple table or any of our new or used restaurant equipment, please feel free to contact us or stop in to our Toronto showroom.

Price: $895.00

Renting/Leasing = Keeping your cash

With summer almost here, now is the time to start planning and gearing up. With the challenges facing our industry this year, you may be hesitant to part with your cash. Consider taking the safer, more manageable option of renting or leasing your equipment. These options allow you to get the equipment you need, while hanging on to your cash. The rental option gives you the opportunity to try something new, without the risk of ending up with equipment you don't need. Then trying to sell it off to recover the cost. Watch the videos by clicking the "More/Video" link below to get an idea of how these programs work. If you would like more information on Econolease or SilverChef, please give us a call or stop in to see us, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.


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